Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

Hello there! It has been a while since we were last in touch and I wanted to let all of you know that I am alive and well and in the process of many new and exciting changes.

As some of you may be aware, 2007 was a year of incredible transformation for me.  Within a few months I dealt with a serious health issue, saw my 19 year marriage come to an end and began a major shift in my professional life.  As a result, I felt it best to take a partial leave of absence from my psychotherapy practice so that I could give full attention to my physical and emotional health, my children and our adjustment to the massive upheaval that was taking place in our lives. In the spring of 2008, I also made the difficult decision to close the doors of Soul Spa.

As we move into the holiday season of 2009, I am happy to report that my health, my personal life and my professional life are flourishing and I am in an active process of rebuilding my practice and my personal and professional network.  I have a new name, a new location and a new website ( where you can view all of my up-to-date information, including links to my Blog Articles, Twitter Updates, upcoming Club Sangha: Gatherings to Inspire Soulful Connections events and more!

I hope that you will take the time to drop me a line, give me a call or check out my site.  I’d love to know how YOU are doing and I’m eager to connect with each and every one of you so we can share insights about this amazing, roller coaster ride we call LIFE!
I am very fortunate to have found the inner strength that it took to make it through the many challenges in my life and I am grateful for these personal experiences because they have made me more qualified and committed than ever to helping others do the same.

Not surprisingly, my client base is largely made up of individuals and couples who are dealing with issues in relationships and who seek a better understanding of themselves so they can experience authentic, “conscious” relationships.  I have also received training to assist low to medium conflict couples who are already moving toward separation by helping them find a “comfort zone” regarding their issues and facilitating the creation of a co-parenting arrangement and help minimize the emotional stress and confusion for their children.

If you feel that you, or someone close to you, can benefit from my services, I would be happy to help, I am presently available to see clients in York Region on Wednesdays and have recently opened two more days at my new home office near Mt Pleasant & Eglinton. 

I look forward to hearing form you soon.  Until then, as always, I wish you

All the Best!

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